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Parcel Receive Policy

Please make sure that your get your parcel when the tracking number shows the statues as DELIVERED. If not, it is essential to let us know within 3 days after the status shows delivered. If not, we are unable to get further detail assist from express company. Before letting us know, it is strongly recommend to ask if your friends/family have help you to sign for your parcel.

Furthermore, please ensure that your items are all correct, by checking our images we sent to you through email.



1. 所有包裹在单号显示DELIVERED之后,请在三天内确保是真的有收到货。

超过三天告知我们没收到的话,快递很常会不理会 :(



​2. 请24小时内确保货物没有少,否则我们很难跟快递查出一个结果。

我们发货前,都会通过email给你们知道 【你们产品的照片】和【单号照片】。请确认是否正确。


Exchange and Refund Policy

We do not provide any exchange and refund policy UNLESS

1. The product we dispatch out to you is wrong

2. We missed any of your items in your order

Any reasons including defect items caused by delivery, change of minds, items out of expectations are NOT ACCEPTABLE

Please notes that customers are responsible for their own decision, we do give appropriate product suggestions and try our best to serve you, but the customers still need to further research on the products if they wish to know more.


1. 我们发出的商品有错误

2. 我们漏发您订单的商品



youushopp team

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